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"I’ve had problems with referred pain in my leg for 20 years. When a friend sent me the link for the Happy Psoas cushion I was skeptical. Could something do simple and so reasonably priced work ? Yes ! I am very grateful."

-Karen Gray

"I purchased a Happy Psoas cushion about a month ago and it has been very effective in relieving my sciatica and lower backache. I sit in a recording studio for long periods and I find it a great help. In fact I would recommend it for any hard or firm chair seat to alleviate back discomfort, it really works!"

- John Hutchinson

"I took the Happy Psoas cushion on a long distance flight and was blown away what a difference it made traveling.Whether lying straight back or rolling to the side, the cushion goes with your movement and makes sitting comfortable. On my return flight I forgot it in the overhead department and fell asleep without. Only a short time after falling asleep I was up again as my bottom was hurting. I pulled out the cushion immediately and slept literally until we almost landed. I will NEVER travel without the cushion again – and now it’s also part of my every day office set up.I use it blown up to an absolute minimum – that’s all it needs." 

- Helena

"I have been using this cushion for the last month while working at my computer. My lower back always gives me trouble due to old injuries but now I can manage hours of sitting without pain.My Mom at 88 can not do without it.She carries it from seat to seat.Thank you Sir for a ingenious practical solution to manage pain and keep blood flowing"

- Wynand Odendaal

"A friend lent me his cushion to try it out and I was so impressed I immediately ordered three so I don't have to keep moving a cushion between the car, office and dining room! I tested a cushion out on my annual flight to New Zealand and besides feeling better, sleeping better it was goodbye to travel constipation - the cushions are definitely an absolute winner for me!"

- Marion Moir

"What a find! Thank you Happy Psoas - I use my cushion so much I bought another one just for my desk. I have arthritis and scoliosis in my lower back so have always struggled with discomfort and pain, but this cushion has relieved so much of that. I've started buying these as gifts!"

- Nicole Hutton

"The first time I sat on it I felt a bit wobbly but after half an hour I forgot that I was sitting on it. When I got up I felt as if I had more mobility in my knees and hips. No stiffness. I also believe it decreases sciatica. The only problem with it is that I would get nothing done for wanting to sit all day!"

- Antoinette

"I am so glad my backache is gone. Even when I drive in my car I can sit longer. It balances my back. Thank you so much!"

- Kieka

"Just love it, i am using it in my car and also find myself sitting correctly on my chair instead of lounging."

- Carol Chapman

"It makes me move the whole time, excellent value"

- John

"Oh my word don't know how to express myself all i can say to every working women behind a desk every day please make your life super dupper no strain no pain only a pleasure. Dit is my hart se punt regtig waar."

- Shirley Brink

"Absolutely love my cushion."

- Anthony Sears

"I spend some time in my car daily driving to work and back. I was introduced to the happy psoas cushion by my husband, a general practitioner in an effort to alleviate my lower back ache and sciatic nerve pain in my buttock and upper leg. The positive effect of the psoas pillow was almost immediate. I now have one cushion in my car and one in my recliner at home. I strongly recommend this brilliant innovation. Ek bring heelwat tyd deur in my motor oppad werk toe en terug. In ‘n poging om my lae rugpyn en siatiese pyn in my boud en bobeen verlig, het my man, ‘n algemene praktisyn, vir my die happy psoas kussing gekoop. Die positiewe effek was feitlik onmiddellik. Ek het nou een kussing in my motor en een op my gemakstoel by die huis. Ek kan hietdie briljante ontwerp met vrymoedigheid aanbeveel."

- Lorraine K

"To whom It may concern. For the past ten years I am Wheelchair bound due to ulcers on both feet. In the beginning I could tolerate long stretches of time in the chair as I was working and going through my daily routines. But as the years went by I found that I can not spent so much time in the chair as I would have used since I developed pains in my hips, as well as lower back pain and would prefer to stretch my legs in bed to spare my hips and back. I also found that any long stretches of time in the chair tired my body out to such an extend that I would prefer to stay home in bed, and not go out at all. I was given the inflatable heart shape cushion to try out. I soon discovered that all the pain in my hips as well as the lower back disappeared, despite spending long days in the chair. Also noticeable was that after a day out I wasn’t in the least tired and heading for bed, as I did in the past. I would seriously recommend this inflatable heart shaped cushion for anyone spending long hours sitting in one position, for example driving a motorcar long distances. Your truly Carina Britz"

- Carina Britz

" I started getting lower back pain a few years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with a slip disk, have had lots of physio and do the various floor exercises daily and still suffer with mild pain. I thought I’d try this psoas cushion as exercising the core or psoas muscle is essential to relive my back pain. I have a desk job and sit pretty much all day which does not help. I started using this cushion a few days ago, only inflated by 30% to start as instructed. When you sit, it immediately makes you sit in an upright position, it makes you balance on the cushion as air moves from one side to another. Very quickly I felt my back feel relieved and after getting up from sitting a while, I didn’t feel the usual stiffness. I’m using this at work every day now and have increased inflation to about 50%. I find this little cushion quite amazing, it certainly has improved my back pain and movement is much better now. I would recommend this to anyone who sits for long periods as it does work, it exercises your psoas muscle as you sit. Great product."

" My posture when sitting has never been good and has led to back pain on numerous occasions. Having now used the Psoas cushion for a while my posture when seated has improved. The Psoas is comfortable and assists your balance and posture when seated. It has made a real difference for me.
Psoas is a good product and does what it says on the tin."

- Amazon UK Customer

" you can start using the product right after delivery, clear instructions.
lightweight so you can carry anywhere and use on any seat. Offers great support for your spine as advertised, love the heart-shape :)

Great value for money"

- Daria Skrypkina, Amazon UK Customer

" A Game Changer. I’m so pleased I found this cushion. My job can be pretty sedentary, and back pain and stiffness comes with all that sitting. I’m not waking in the night with back ache these days, and I don’t groan when I stand up after long periods of sitting :). Two of my clients have bought cushions on my recommendation."

- Mrs S.E. Amazon UK Customer

"I recently injured my coccyx and was sitting at home on a cushion with a hole. The cushion is bulky to carry around. I got this from a family member. I showed it to the physio and she was ok for me to use it. It is lightweight to carry around. I blow it up just enough so that my coccyx is not on the chair. It has made it possible to go out and sit. I am 9st and have been taking it everywhere with me for over 4 weeks and it is still fine."

- Mrs M. Amazon UK Customer

"This is a superb product. You need to follow the instructions and increase the amount of air in it slowly, but it is fab. Is helping my hips no end. You do also you have had a core workout!"

- Chelle, Amazon UK Customer

"I bought the pillow mainly for use whilst sitting long time at a desk and for during long car journeys. I have found that the pillow helps me maintain good posture and reduces back aches associated with sitting long periods and in wrong posture. The beauty is the versatility - I can set the pillow to different firmness and I transport it from the car to my desk. When my wife has used it she was able to set it to her liking. I chose the pillow because of this, unlike other fixed size pillows and specialist chairs. I tried different firmness and then settled it to my liking; it's easy to inflate.

I even plan to try it on my next plane journey. The ability of the pillow to roll up into a small portable packet is very appealing.

Buying it now, I am hoping to prevent future issues so feel it could be a great investment. I must say I quite like the movement it produces, reducing pressure points and encouraging my body to adjust to better posture . Haven't come across any drawbacks.

- KK, Amazon UK Customer

"For years I have been looking for better ways to minimize my back pain and heel pain. I have to live on anti-inflammatories. Not good at all for my stomach lining. So weeks go by without medication and the pain keeps me out of a goodnights sleep. I was so fortunate to come across the happy psoas on social media by chance. I ordered one as desperate I was to get off my medication. My 1st day I saw the difference immediately with my back. I can't be more thankful for this cushion as I drive all day in my job. Thankful happy client 4ever..."

- Pauline Foster, 30 Jan 2024


Happy Psoas cushion on a chair

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