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Prof Page:MSc (cum laude) PhD HED FDE

"A heart shaped inflatable cushion allows air to flow from the left compartment to the right compartment as an individual moves around in a seated position, especially in front of a computer. Mr Engelbrecht delivered 6 of these cushions which I dealt out amongst the Anatomy staff to test and give feedback. The cushion allows one to sit in an upright position keeping the muscles of the back (erector spinae group) and the complementary muscle group in the inside of the torso (iliopsoas), which are the antagonistig group to erector spinae which work in concert to keep the user upright with minimal overexerption of either the posterior or anterior groups of muscle. This state of affairs (Anatomically) allows relief of the tension and pressure on the lumber region, which tires in an attempt to keep the back straight and prevent kyphosis and/or lordosis. Other muscle groups, namely the gluteal group (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus appear to become more relaxed, prevents exhaustion, pain and lower backache. As one moves around in the seated position (mainly from left to right) the two bones of the pelvis (ischium left and right) can alternate and or jointly contribute to a more softer sit, as direct contact with the chair transfers the weight of the torso (upper body) on both simultaneously, potentially also the effect and so-called "long haul flights" would have on the return of blood from the lower body potentially leading to deep venous thrombosis, which is well known to be potentially fatal. "

Some of the comments from the staff include:

"My back has straightened and I no longer feel the need to slouch in my chair"
"Awesome invention!"
"I feel more comfortable and relaxed sitting in front of the computer and my back is no longer sore."
"This has really enabled me to spend more time in front of the computer and I tire less easily."

"It is with confidence that I take the liberty to HIGHLY recommend the commercial roll-out of this device and am convinced it is of great Anatomical ability of the user extending to increased productivity and a better quality of output. Yours sincerely,"

Prof Page:MSc (cum laude) PhD HED FDE

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Dr Ben Schutte: MBChB(Pret) , M.Med (Orthop.) (Stell.)

"My opinion on this Orthopeadic support cushion is summarized as follow: This interactive cushion is an affordable way to prevent damage to the body while sitting.
This cushion is an orthopedic supportive item that protect after operation patients and non-patients from being static while sitting. Thus, speeding up blood circulation and healing damaged joints and muscle tissue quicker through these orthopedic properties.
It is an orthopedic fact that when the legs go in external rotation like with this cushion it reduces the stress and pressure on the lower back.
I consider this an important item in preventing and healing orthopedic damage obtained from sitting and would use it in my treatment and support program."

Dr Ben Schutte: MBChB(Pret) , M.Med (Orthop.) (Stell.)

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